This guide will teach you how to use the yujet surfer in different positions and how to use the remote control.

Lying position

  • Practice how to steadily control the speed button and move forward while lying on your stomach on the board.
  • Lie on your stomach with your legs apart on both sides of the board, and the center of gravity in your lower abdomen while keeping your head up in balance.
  • While moving straight ahead, continuously and steadily operate the remote control according to your adaptation.
  • Try steady acceleration and deceleration until you can skillfully operate the remote control; keep a stable position lying on the board.
  • Learn how to switch from a lying position to a kneeling position.
  • While changing position, keep a constant speed with the remote control; acceleration is permitted, while deceleration or a sudden stop is not.

Kneeling Position

  • Keep your hands on the front handles and your center of gravity around your abdomen and elbows. Pull your legs forward while tightening your abdomen. Bend and position your knees on the back of the board. Elbows off the board with your arms straight.
  • When stable, free both of your hands from the front handles. Keep the speed with the remote control and kneel steadily on the board.
  • Change direction by applying pressure on the left or right edge or shifting your center of gravity.
    Quickly and continuously tap the remote control or make necessary deceleration until turning is completed.
  • When making a sharp turn, slow down properly. (An abrupt stop is forbidden.)
  • Switch from kneeling to standing position.

Surf in Standing Position

  • Down on one knee with another foot on the back of the board. Quickly lift your knee and firmly position your feet on the board.
  • When in standing position, the center of gravity is under your crotch rather than your feet.
  • When shifting from kneeling to standing, maintain a constant speed through the remote control. (Don’t stop or slow down in the process.)
  • Try to change direction by shifting your center of gravity when you are able to stand steadily on the board.
  • (Keep steady power output when switching from kneeling to standing position. Stand up without hesitation so as not to disrupt the balance.)

Remote operation




Status light indicators




Throttle control


Pulling cord connector


Wrist strap

(The ABS hand-held throttle control meets ergonomic design, while being perfectly robust and durable. With a simplified power button, it is super easy to handle. Simple acceleration propels your surfboard, promising elevated surfing experience and endless fun.)

Light IndicationStatusSolution
Flashing Yellow LightConnecting Signal
Solid Green LightWorking Properly
Solid Blue LightBattery Full
Solid Red LightBattery LowReturn and Charge
Flashing Red and Yellow Light Simultaneously or AlternatelyError
Flashing Red Light

(Once skilled enough in switching among lying, kneeling and standing positions, you can engage in more exciting moves like fast S-turns. Follow us and share with us every bit of creation and progress!)