From July 29 to 31, ISPO Shanghai 2022 Nanjing Edition was launched at Nanjing International Expo Center, attracting active brand participation involving outdoor sports, camping life, running and sports training, winter sports, water sports and other various categories and fields, with a wide spectrum of trending sports and outdoor products on display. YuJet presented the latest electric surfboards, engaging a large number of the visitors and media on site.

YuJet offers 2 electric surfboards to choose from

Light-weight carbon fiber YuJet Surfer promises greater convenience while YuJet Surfer XT with high toughness allows improved bump absorption and durability, and thus is better suited for surfing camps and water clubs.

Both models are equipped with high-capacity rechargeable batteries, enabling fun for nearly an hour on a single charge, with a top speed of 42 kph and an unparalleled relaxing surfing experience.

Moreover, YuJet operation is highly friendly to beginners and even teenagers and children. Once switched to the beginner mode, surfing on peaceful water is made easy and fun, allowing everyone to ride with joy!

Electric surfing is more than a new outdoor activity. It easily engages all your friends and relatives without having to compromise anyone’s choices, offering the best possible chance of happiness:

  • Acquire new skills while saving the time and energy of learning;
  • Enjoy the freshness of water while saving a trip to the sea;
  • Race at the top speed while going gentle whenever you want;
  • Ride your waves while involving your friends or family at any moment.

So far, YuJet has partnered with multiple surfing camps in Beijing, Shanghai and Sanya, appealing to young groups and family activities. We aspire to partner with more friends and make surfing easier and more accessible!