From May 28 to June 5, the 3rd Venice Boat Show was held in the historic Arsenale of Venice. With more than 200 boat and water sports equipment manufacturers from all over the world. YuJet made it’s appearance with the new electric surfboard and performed on-site demonstration. Attracting the attention of exhibitors, tourists and the media.

Ancient City Glowing with Vitality

Venice is a world-famous city for its canals and culture, with a long and profound history in boat manufacturing and boat culture. With a focus on “Innovation and Sustainable Development,” the boat show boasts an exhibition space of up to 50,000 square meters. The exhibition pier longer than 1,000 meters is filled with more than 240 speedboats, superyachts, sailboats and other types of vessels.

Under the backdrop of technological innovation, boats and water sports are also finding new opportunities to become more electric, more intelligent and more suitable for a sharing economy. YuJet, a high-end water sports brand favored by European and US consumers, is committed to offering exciting surfing experiences and a green lifestyle to sports lovers. YuJet was invited to exhibit the high-end electric surfboards and was also the first to perform a public demonstration.

Super Experience + Super Easy Ride on Technology, Effortless Surfing

Traditional surfing has always been a skillful sport that won’t be available without wind, waves and a lot of learning. However, YuJet electric surfboards, powered entirely by electricity, allow players to surf without wind or waves, enabling exceptional performance even when all is quiet.

With a wireless remote control, YuJet board accelerates easily and offers two modes: the expert mode empowers professional maneuvers, while the beginner mode features gentle power output. Most new players board successfully the first time they practice.

Unlike a yacht, the electric surfboard is controlled by the players themselves. Cruising the waters on a YuJet board promises unique and superb experiences.

High Safety + Quality Service Empowering Partners in Full Gear

YuJet electric surfboards have been introduced to the Chinese market and the company has established partnerships with many water sports clubs.

YuJet seeks to be better throughout designing, R&D and manufacturing, with every detail reflecting YuJet’s ceaseless pursuit of quality:

  • YuJet surfboard is equipped with high-capacity lithium battery pack, with a single charge lasting more than 40 minutes;
  • The surface of the board is covered with diamond-shaped high-quality EVA foam, which improves comfort and students’ stability performance in surfing lessons;
  • Designed and installed with 4 neoprene handles, YuJet board can be better controlled by beginners;
  • Patented modular design of the board and power system enables quick disassembly and easy maintenance, which saves time and cost for more fun.

Meanwhile, YuJet has established a simple and efficient after-sales service system, instantly responding to customers’ demand.

YuJet aspires to create greater value for more water sports clubs and holiday resorts, making this extreme sport no longer extreme, attracting more people to fall in love with it and enjoy the pure fun in surfing!

About YuJet

YuJet, Electrifying the Future of Water Sports

Founded by passionate surfers and water sports enthusiasts, YuJet quickly became the leading brand of electric surfboards. While offering high performance, the YuJet product line is accessible to all ages and skill levels. Acclaimed by reviewers as the easiest board for beginners, the YuJet emission-free electric surfboard also offers superior performance for advanced-level users.

YuJet provides a complete line of recreational products allowing families and friends to enjoy their time at the beach by sharing common activities. YuJet offers a disruptive range of silent products using electric propulsion. YuJet firmly believes that the future belongs to silent and emission-free products to appeal to its users but also to the public they share the beach with.

Alongside the electric surfboard, YuJet offers a silent electric jet ski and an electric catamaran that allows height adults to explore the coast, go swimming, snorkeling or enjoy sundown drinks in silence. All these products were designed with user safety as a priority while delivering the most exhilarating experience.

Beach rental businesses can also benefit from the YuJet rental station that allows surfboard storage, battery recharging using the solar panel array, and automatic multimedia safety briefing delivery. A changing cabin, with individual locking storage cabinets, is also provided.

YuJet Electric Marine Europe is established in Barcelona, Spain. This allows for fast deliveries and optimal after-sales support all over Europe.

Driven by a team of seasoned executives with international backgrounds, YuJet has expanded its activities throughout the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The company offers its products to individual customers and businesses catering to the tourism and leisure industry.

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